Too often we live our lives from a place of fear and lack. What I have come to realize is that this is just a fearful illusion we have created for ourselves or have been taught as children. It is not real! You and I were meant to live our lives from a place of abundance and joy. My art work is a reminder - a way of sharing this way of being in order to help you reconnect with your spirit and your joy. It is a meant to be a torch to light up all areas of your life.

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New work based in reality but abstracted.
Making custom art quilts for the discerning collector is one of my favorite things to do. Do you have certain color restraints, an odd wall space to fill or just want something beautiful made to order? Allow me to create a special textile painting just for your home or business that reflects your taste, color scheme, imagery and size requirements. I can also work with your interior designer to make sure your art quilt is perfect for the space. My custom pieces are created to uplift your spirit, bring luxury, and pull your room together.

Roxane is an active Industry Partner of the ASID Carolinas Chapter.

Graceful Ladies is a textile painting that shows my love for the beautiful, sculptural crepe myrtle trees in Winter. They have no leaves or flowers, only their bare trunks and branches and the shadows they make.

Fused cotton batiks, hand painted, machine quilted, various threads, 54 x 39.5″, copyright 2013. Private collection.


I like to see what happens if you add the 3rd dimension. As I twist and sew each piece, it begins to take on strange and beautiful shapes. The colors hide and reveal themselves, like some weird sea creature. One can play with these shapes on the wall or on a table, and change their orientation in many ways. I hope you have fun displaying them as much as I enjoyed making them!
I have been to Italy two times and both times I wanted to stay.  I hope I have captured the light, the architecture and the joy of being in Italy with these textile paintings.
These vast spaces are so beautiful to me with their colors and textures. The light and rock formations are so gorgeous, they just beg to be interpreted in fiber. Fortunately, I have a large stash of hand dyed fabric (mine and others) that is just perfect to depict these landscapes. Add some paint and lots of free-motion stitching, and voila!
I always take my trusty Canon digital camera, because I often use my photos as a starting place for new work. The Energy Series was born on the 4th of July on the Charles River in Boston, waiting for the fireworks to begin. There were many lights reflected in the water, including police boats and trolley trains going across the bridge. I moved my camera with an open shutter and got some unusual lines and colors. They looked exciting and vibrant to me, like pure energy! I couldn't wait to get home and transfer some of these images into fabric and thread.

These pieces are all 16″ x 20″, mounted on a canvas, fused applique, machine quilted cotton, Shiva Paintsticks.

Making felt is way too much fun, but uses lots of elbow grease. You have to roll the fibers many times to get them to felt together. Yet, I enjoy creating this textile because you never know exactly what you will get. I love working directly with the fibers themselves to mold and shape them, seeing how the colors melt into each other. These pieces are attached to fabric, machine and hand quilted and mounted on canvas.

Wool and other fiber rovings, Angelina fibers, fabric scraps, yarn, thread, cotton fabric, batting.

Sculptured Silk is a technique I evolved from manipulating the hand dyed silk into hills and valleys, and stitching them into place with elaborate machine quilting. This technique creates a wonderful 3D texture.
My love of water seems to make an appearance in many of my art quilts. In these pieces, I explored the wave form and splashing of water.

Art work for your church or synagogue

Here are some joyous liturgical stoles that can be purchased from Each stole is designed and hand crafted by me, utilizing gorgeous hand dyed and batik fabrics. Each stole is also machine quilted for added texture and dimension. They are completely washable in a delicate cycle, hang to dry, and lightly iron.

Custom Torah Covers

These custom Torah covers were designed for Temple Emanuel in Winston-Salem, NC. to complement the existing art work in and around the ark. There are stained glass windows surrounding the ark with olive tree motifs. So I used that olive tree theme and fused and appliqued olive branches and glittering olives. Each panel is hand dyed and machine pieced and quilted. I can design and make unique Torah covers or prayer shawl using my own hand dyed fabric, customized to your temple’s unique ambience. For more information or pricing please contact me.

Pillows, Teeny, Tiny Art Canvases, & Quiltlets


Everyone needs a small piece for a small space in their house, or a few new pillows to update their sofa. The teeny, tiny art quilts look great in groups of two or three.