Q-How long have you been a textile artist, and why did you choose textiles as your medium?

I began learning quilting in 1998. I became serious about art quilting around 2004, creating a body of work, and working on commissions.  A lot of people confuse what I do with traditional quilts for bed use.  While I begin with fabric and thread like those trad. quilters, I use fabric, paint and thread to create textile paintings, using the same art and design principles as other artists.  My pieces hang on the wall, like a painting, but with more texture and depth.

Q-How did you become an expert art quilter?

I decided I wanted to explore the many techniques and ways to make art quilts. So I began taking a lot of classes with expert teachers, and artists in the textile field. I have studied from books, gone to many quilt shows, competed in many quilt shows, including International Quilt Festival in Houston and Cincinnati, winning awards. I also learned how to dye my own fabric, which I use in many of my pieces. I have a B.S. in Costume Design & Textiles from the Univ. of Minnesota. Many of the basic design skills and art training I received, I use to create my original art work.

Q-How are you different from other artists?

I have a background in design. My mother was an interior designer, so I understand the business. I work with you and your client to create just the right piece for the space. My goal is to customize the art work to fit with your total design plan and the client's preferences and taste. I can work with the client directly and keep you in the loop during the process, or I can stay in the background- whatever works best for you and the client. I also stay in communication with both you and your client on a regular basis during the construction phase. At the end of the commission, I present both you and the client with a photo book with in process photos to document the making of their piece. I only use the best materials, and educate the client on how to take care of their piece.

Q-What kind of personality do you work best with?

I prefer to work with clients who value fine craft, and have the means to commission a piece. I find that open and honest communication during the process solves a lot of potential problems.

Q-What kind of personality do you NOT work best with?

Clients who are not open to less traditional art.

Q-How do you work? What can I expect?

Initially, we would set up a call to discuss the project and client. I can visit the space and client with or without you. I like to establish a relationship directly with the client unless you would prefer that I don't. Once the project gets the green light, I send you both a contract that states what I will do, what I don't do and the final date of completion and installation. I charge a flat fee depending on the size, complexity and scope of the piece. I can either give you, the designer, a generous finder's fee, whereupon I will take over all parts of the project (while keeping you abreast of all progress), OR, I charge a price for the completed piece with a 10% discount for you to resell to your client. As I said before, I keep you and your client in communication with my progress throughout the process either way.

Q-What results can I expect?

My goal is to provide a total, meaningful experience for your client. For example, if the client has a specific place or landscape in mind, I can work from pictures of the site.

You can expect a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind textile art piece, ready to hang, using the finest materials, UV spray against light fading, delivered on or before deadline. Your client will be thrilled with his/her textile art piece and enjoy being part of the creation process. You will look good because you have provided this unique experience for your client.

Q-I'm really busy, how much time is involved ?

We would have an initial meeting to agree on details, specs, colors, and your client. I can take it from there, keeping in touch with you and your client, saving you time. I can send you sketches and fabric swatches to approve if you like. Other than that initial first meeting, your time involvement is minimal. My goal is to make this easy for both of you.

Q-Can I contact other clients you've worked with?

Absolutely! Many of them have given me written testimonials which you can read too.

Q-I have some questions, can I talk with you on the phone?

Yes, just email me to set up a call time at

Q-I'm not local, but I still want to work with you. How can we do that?

We can use the magic of technology! If you have an iphone, ipad or anything that has Facetime or Skype, we can do live sessions that way. You can also email me pictures of your client's space and ideas and I can come up with sketches. I am available by phone or email to iron out any details or problems that come up.

Q-This sounds great, can I have my client call you?

I would be honored to talk with your clients and will treat them with the utmost courtesy and honesty. My number is 919-602-2260. Thank you for your referral!




Roxane was a professional ballet dancer before she transitioned to the visual arts. She has shown her work nationally and internationally in many shows. She most recently won the Niche Award in 2012 for Decorative Fiber. She specializes in creating custom textile art for home or business. Roxane enjoys the custom design process, and works in a client-focused way, emphasizing communication and follow-up with both client and designer during the whole process.    Her work has been purchased for private collections and for the Duke School of Nursing in Durham, NC.Her inspiration comes from many sources: botanicals, landscapes, Italy, water, and galaxies. Sensual color, lines, and textures are a common thread.
Currently, she is teaching fiber arts here in North Carolina for quilt guilds and at the prestigious Houston International Quilt Festival.  She has appeared on Quilting Arts TV and written for numerous quilting arts publications. Her work has appeared in several books on art quilting, most recently, Art Quilts International, Abstract & Geometric.