Below is a standard contract for teaching and or lecturing:
Download Contract in PDF format: teaching contract




Between Roxane Lessa, and

Guild/Conference _______________________________________.

Representative: _________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________

Phone: __________________________ Fax :__________________

e-mail: ________________ Web Site: ________________________

Second contact for group: _________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________

Phone: __________________________ e-mail; ________________













Set-up requirements for lectures: Tables on which to display quilts. Room which can be darkened, podium light. Screen, three pronged extension cord. Roxane will bring her own digital projector.


Sales: I may bring hand-dyed fabric and  artwork that will be available for sale. I do not promote or spend time selling these items during lectures or class.  The guild / conference will not expect to collect any commission on these sales.


Workshop: _____________________________

Date: __________________________________

Time: __________________________________

Place: _________________________________

Address: _______________________________


Phone: _________________________________

Fee: ___________________________________


Workshop: _____________________________

Date: __________________________________

Time: __________________________________

Place: _________________________________

Address: _______________________________


Phone: _________________________________

Fee: ___________________________________


Set-up requirements classes: One or two tables for display and demonstration purposes. Maximum 20 students. Ten more students may be added for an additional fee of $15.00 per student. No more than two students per 3’x 8’ table. Adequate light, and electrical outlets.



Fees: 2021 (payment due at end of last workshop or lecture)

Full day, 6 hour class:  $850.00

Half day, 3 hour class: $450.00

Two day, 2  consecutive 6 hour classes: $1600.00

Lectures: $450.00

Some classes have additional supply fees.

A minimum of two 6 hr classes and a lecture will be required if air travel is involved.


Expenses: (payment due at end of last workshop or lecture)

Door to door travel: current federal reimbursement rate per mile or round trip air-fare, parking, tolls.

Lodging : hotel/ motel with on-site food or private home: nonsmoking,  private bath.

Meals: to be provided by guild or $35.00 per day

Extra Days:  If Roxane needs to spend extra time at your location in order to save the guild or conference money on air fare your guild/conference will be responsible for all lodging and meal expenses on these extra days.



Name of hotel or motel: __________________________________

or homeowner: _________________________________________

Street address: ________________________________________

City and Zip Code: _____________________________________

Phone: ______________________________________________

Reservation #: _________________________________________


Cancellations: A guild or group may cancel due to insufficient enrollment prior to the time Roxane purchases airline tickets or incurs expenses. 30 day notice minimum. The contracting party will be responsible for travel expenses if the engagement is cancelled after airline tickets are purchased or expenses are incurred and will pay the full fee if classes or lectures are cancelled after Roxane has traveled to your area. If illness, accident, or serious family emergency  prevent Roxane from teaching or lecturing it is agreed that this contract shall be null and void, and there shall be no claim for damage by either party.


Roxane Lessa:

Street address: __1201 Trillium Cir. Apt. D ___________________________________

City and Zip Code: _Raleigh, NC 27606_________________________________

Phone: _919-602-2260_______________________________



Signed: ____________________________ Date: ______________


Guild representative:


Name: _____________________________

Signed: _____________________________ Date: _____________