This is Cathy Hedberg’s latest art quilt that she began and finished in my classes. She made the pattern, used fused applique, textile paint, and free motion stitching with many types of threads. It is a gift for her son, John, who is also the star of the quilt!

Here’s what she has to say:

” I still like a lot of the traditional patterns, but I don’t like my work to look like everyone else’s; I like adding a little twist to make it different. I was beginning to get bored following someone else’s pattern. After admiring quilts that to me didn’t follow “the rules”, I took my first art class from Roxane.  To me one of the scariest things she had me do was paint my quilt.  I was totally out of my element. I had never painted anything, much less a quilt.  I was hooked and whenever I had the opportunity I took Roxane’s classes. I love learning new ways to make my quilting my own. It has opened a whole new world and has been so much fun!” ~Cathy Hedberg (student)

Cathy has since shown her quilt at her local quilt store, and received this comment:  “You aren’t just a quilter, you are an artist!”  Cathy told me that is the first time anyone ever said that to her, and it brought a big smile to her face.

“I wanted to tell you how much I really enjoyed the two + days with you.  I have taken at least 2 free motion quilting classes before taking your workshop and purchased an expensive stitch regulator foot for my sewing machine but never felt confident enough to do free motion quilting on a quilt. I was always afraid I would ruin the quilt.  After your workshop, I can free motion quilt with confidence without the stitch regulator foot!  I truly value your coaching style of teaching.  Your encouragement and constant nudges when discomfort/anxiety diverted focus from the task of learning free motion quilting technique were extremely valuable.  The second part of the workshop helped me get over the next hurdle in the quilting process…how to choose the thread wt, color, type and quilting designs.  I now have a process to follow to make an art quilt..or any quilt for that matter. Having a process to follow helps get around ‘road blocks’ of the mind.  Before the workshop, you asked what we hoped to learn.  You listened and provided an excellent workshop tailored for the participants.  You are one of the rare artists who can not only create great art but can communicate and teach your process and techniques.” ~ Nora Rhode (student)

“Give yourself the gift of the dedicated time to learn and create. Roxane will assess your skills level and determine what you need to learn to accomplish your goals. She tailors the class to your needs, building specific bridges for each student in a non-competitive, supportive classroom. I was frozen in my progress because I feared free motion quilting. I had a tutorial, but not the patience to do it on my own. With several quilts that needed quilting, I had to make an investment in paying a quilter or learning how to free motion quilt. I am SO glad I invested in Roxane’s class. Now I’m inspired to try my own ideas for using thread and patterns to enhance my quilts. I have begun to acquire the techniques. Roxane provided intriguing, creative projects for practice exercises. It took the drudgery out of the exercises and transformed them into creative exploration. In Rock Your Quilting, you will sit at the feet of a master fiber artist who will both teach and inspire you.”~ Ann Thompson (student)

“Just completed our 2nd personal coaching session. I am totally jazzed and ready to go to work!
Roxane propels me forward at a greater speed than I would have moved, by confirming my ideas and encouraging me to reach for goals now instead of latter. She inspires me to go broader and deeper with my work.” ~Susan Lane

Here’s what Susan has accomplished since then:

Studying with Roxane has been my Art School!  She introduced me to tools which I now use to evaluate my designs and improve them.  She brought me back again and again to the principals of design as they applied to my art work.

As a result of working with Roxane, I sold my first fiber art piece and had another piece accepted into the show for which it was made.  I’m also doing my first Solo Show in July, 2015.  She helps me set goals and enables me to reach them!

Roxane rocks!~ Susan Lane

“It is well worth the investment.  I learned a lot of techniques that will save me time on future projects.  It has saved me money in the long run by using the right products and the correct procedures.

I tend to be an introvert and I got a lot of value by being able to address what I needed the most help with.  I tend not to ask a lot of questions when in a larger group …. and this worked out perfectly for me.

Most importantly …. you gave me the confidence that “I can do this now!!”

Thanks so much for all your help!!  You are a  talented fiber artist, a wonderful person, a great coach and I appreciate you sharing your knowledge with me.” ~Lisa Cain, Private Coaching Student


“Thanks for giving me the confidence to “get out of my rut and fear”, and allowing me to move on!”~Linda Charles (student)








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